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Master of Plaster Finishing Systems, Inc.

Manufacturer’s Specifications
        SECTION 09210  Gypsum Plaster
        SECTION 09940  Decorative Finishes


This document provides requirements for the proper specification, design, use and installation of Master of Plaster specialty interior finishes.

A. Provide all labor, materials, equipment and tools to install the Master
    of Plaster Finishing System.

B. Related sections include:
                        1. Gypsum Drywall-Section 09250
                        2. Portland Cement Plaster-Section 09220
                        3. Gypsum Board Assemblies-09260
                        4. Other sections related to the substrate over which the coatings are to
                            be applied.

C. Description of system:
Master of Plaster is a field application of wall surface primer (if required), base coats and smooth or textured coatings manufactured by Master of Plaster Finishing Systems, Inc., in Columbia, SC.

Master of Plaster is a ready mixed proprietary slaked lime formula, hand troweled in a three-coat process to a thickness of 1/16”-3/32”. It is ideal for new construction applications, but is also revolutionary as it is the only true pre-mixed historically accurate restoration plaster available. It is specifically designed for re-surfacing, restoring and patching existing plaster surfaces, without the need for elaborate surface preparation or bonding agents. It can be used over virtually any clean sound surface creating a range of aesthetics from a soft white to a high-lustre mottled appearance with translucent properties.

Work includes protection of surfaces not intended to be coated, priming (if necessary), base coating, finishing, clean-up and touch-up of areas as designated on the drawings or as specified in the contract documents.


A. Master of Plaster Finishing System-A field application of base coats and 
     textured finishes:

             1. Restoration Plaster-a pre-mixed historically accurate restoration finish.                  
             2. Veneer Plaster-a low lustre to a high mirror gloss white finish.
             3. Venetian Plaster- a tinted high lustre mottled finish with translucent properties.
             4. Caenstone-an ashlar faced limestone finish.
B. Substrate: The surface to which the Master of Plaster Finishing System is 


A. MANUFACTURER QUALIFICATIONS-All materials shall be manufactured or sold by
    Master of Plaster Finishing Systems, Inc. and shall be purchased from Master of 
    Plaster or an authorized Distributor in order to ensure compatibility of system

B. CONTRACTOR QUALIFICATIONS-Contractors should be knowledgeable and trained
     in the proper installation of plaster finishes.
             1. For hand trowel applied textures, internal or external radii of walls or columns  
                should be greater than 1 foot.
             2. A working clearance of at least 3 feet from the surface to be
                coated is recommended.
             3. Coatings are not recommended for use on floor surfaces.

             1. Substrate systems must be designed to withstand all applicable loads and be in 
                 compliance with all applicable codes. The following are approved substrates:
                                    a.  Properly prepared new and existing drywall
                                    b.  Properly prepared, smooth concrete or stucco
                                    c.  Properly prepared CMU block or masonry
                                    d.  Properly prepared blueboard
                                    e.  Properly prepared existing painted plaster
                                    f.   Other substrates as approved by Master of Plaster

             1. On jobs in excess of 3000 square feet, the mock-up shall be at least 4
             feet square to accurately represent the specified application, color and texture.    
             On jobs less than 3000 square feet, approved submittals shall be used as  
             standard for finished product.
             2. Simulate finished lighting conditions for review of mock-ups.
             3. The approved mock-up represents final acceptance of the finish, texture
             and color to be used on the project. Mock-ups should remain at the jobsite throughout the              project for necessary review.


A. PRODUCT DATA-Individual product data sheets for each product indicated.

B. SAMPLES- Materials, tools and techniques to be used on the job shall be used to
     prepare two 8” X 10” samples of each finish and will demonstrate the finish texture and

C. MAINTENANCE DATA-No maintenance is required with Master of Plaster Finishing

D. WARRANTY-Master of Plaster Finishing Systems, Inc. offers a one year limited
    warranty for finish coating materials.



A. Products shall be delivered to jobsite in unopened and labeled containers.

B.  Master of Plaster should be stored in the manufacturer’s unopened container 
     in a cool, dry place at a temperature of 40°F or higher and out of direct 
     sunlight. Materials should not be stacked more than three containers high.

C. Material containers must be tightly closed after use. Refer to the individual
    product datasheets for specific mixing instructions.



             1. The substrate must be sound and dry and the area must be free of dust, dirt and                 water.
             2. The ambient air temperature shall be 40°F or higher at the time of installation and remain                  so for  twenty-four (24) hours thereafter.
             3. Installed finishes should be protected during the 24 hour curing period following                  installation. Low temperatures and high humidity during installation will lengthen the                 curing time.
B. GENERAL CONTRACTOR OBLIGATIONS-The General Contractor shall provide access to     electric power and clean water where Master of Plaster Finishing Systems are to be installed.

C. PROTECTION-Adjacent areas and materials shall be protected to avoid damage during material     application. Spillages may be cleaned with water.

D. COORDINATION-Scheduling of the installation will be coordinated with the General Contractor.



Master of Plaster Finishing Systems, Inc. offers a one year limited warranty for finish coating materials.




All materials shall be obtained directly from Master of Plaster Finishing Systems, Inc. or through its authorized distributors. Use of other products to modify or replace any of the Master of Plaster Finishing Systems components is strictly prohibited.



A. RESTORATION PLASTER-Base Coat and Finish Coat
     A 100% Natural Slaked Lime Restoration Plaster. It is a true pre-mixed 
     historically accurate formula specifically designed for resurfacing, restoring and
     patching existing plaster surfaces without the need for elaborate surface preparation
     or bonding agents.

B. VENEER PLASTER-Base Coat and Finish Coat
     A 100% Natural Slaked Lime Veneer Plaster specifically designed to produce a
     smooth, hard, polished surface. Variations in finishes and textures are limitless.

C. VENETIAN PLASTER-Base Coat and Finish Coat tinted with natural pigments to
     match approved sample for color and texture-able to achieve a polished, tinted 
     surface with translucent properties.

D. CAENSTONE-Base Coat and Finish Coat
     A stone plaster with limestone and granite finishes. It is a micacious adaptation
     of the veneer and restoration plaster, with a coarser colored aggregate.




Prior to installation of Master of Plaster Finish Coatings, the substrate shall be examined by a qualified applicator to determine the following:
            1. The substrate is acceptable for use with Master of Plaster Finish Coatings.                        2. The substrate is as specified in the construction plans and is sound and
                ready for installation.
            3. The surface of the substrate is free of any moisture, dust, dirt, or oil.
            4. Surfaces have been prepared in accordance with the recommendations
                outlined in these specifications and the individual product data sheet for
                the selected finish.
            5. Any discrepancies will be immediately brought to the attention of the
                General Contractor and/or Design Professional. Work should proceed only 
                after all satisfactory conditions have been established.



A. Before applying Master of Plaster:

            1. Clean surfaces to remove dust, loose particles, grease, oil, incompatible
                curing compounds, form-release agents, and other foreign matter and deposits
                that could impair a bond with plaster.
            2. Remove ridges and protrusions greater than 1/8 inch and fill all depressions.
                Allow to set and dry.
            3. Prime any new drywall surfaces that have been taped and floated with a drywall 

B. Tolerances: Substrate shall provide a less than 1/16 inch offset between planes of
    panels and less than 1/8 inch in 8 feet deviation.



A. Do not proceed with the application until surface conditions have been verified
     as acceptable.

B. Comply with ASTM C843-“Application of Gypsum Veneer Plaster” and Master of  
    Plaster Finishing Systems individual product data sheets.
C. For all Master of Plaster Finishing Systems-

            1. Base Coat: Apply per manufacturers standard requirements.
            2. Finish Coat: Apply per manufacturers standard requirements to
               match approved mock up.


A. Cleaning-Master of Plaster surfaces may be cleaned with water and a soft cloth.
B. After completion of Master of Plaster Finishing System work, protect as any newly
    plastered system to avoid damage.


Master of Plaster